Liz’s Review: The Pope’s Exorcist

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Directed by Julius Avery

Father Gabriel Amorth is a figure known to horror fans. He was the chief exorcist at the Vatican from 1986-2000 and is said to have performed over 50,000 exorcisms. He is also the subject of the documentary film The Devil and Father Amorth made by none other than William Freidkin.

In The Pope’s Exorcist, Russell Crowe hops on a vespa and takes on the character as he travels from Rome to Spain to perform an exorcism on an American boy living with his family in an old church, and uncovers secrets the Vatican had hoped would stay buried. Classic possession contortion ensues…

This film is solid and a good time at the theater, but in contrast to other films released recently like Evil Dead Rise and the festival darling Talk to Me, it is relatively quiet and may have been better suited to a streaming release. That said, Russell Crowe bringing his star power to a genre film reenforces what horror fans have been saying all along- put the movie in the theater and we will come!

The Pope’s Exorcist is currently showing in theaters nationwide. Crowe will be back on the vespa in the coming months as a sequel has already been confirmed!

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