Liz’s Review: Invoking Yell (Panic Fest 2023)

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★★★ out of ★★★★★
🩸 out of 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

Directed by Patricio Valladares

Andrea (Maria Jesus Marcona) and Tania (Macarena Carrere) are the founders of the late 90’s Chilean black metal band Invoking Yell. Determined to capture sounds for their demo tape, they head out to a haunted location in the woods with their friend Ruth (Andrea Ozuljevich) behind the camera promising her she can join the band if she documents their trip.

While the trio are in the woods they discuss the black metal scene dominated by men and how they can set themselves apart not only by being girls but by using EVP (electronic voice phenomena of the supernatural kind) in their songs. As the hours in the woods pass it becomes clear that the girls may not be there just to record the voices of the ghosts, but also to create some of their own…black metal satanic rituals ensue.

Heavy metal and horror are a match made in heaven, er, hell, and there is a lot to like about Invoking Yell: the story is a great idea, the performances are solid and I liked the found footage style. However, if you’re doing a film about black metal it needs to be extreme and this one never really “went there” and at times felt drawn out and repetitive despite a relatively tight 84 minute runtime. Despite those cons the film is definitely worth watching and I really dug the creative concept.

Invoking Yell will be showing at Panic Fest as part of the hybrid program. The in person screening is Sunday, April 16, but if you can’t make it to the festival you can watch it online starting April 15.

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