The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 144: The SXSW 2022 Recap

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SXSW made its return to live audiences in Austin in March of 2022, and The Scariest Things was present for the event. Liz Williams took in as much as she could at the festival, and the rest of TST’s staff followed by streaming for one of the world’s great film festivals.

One of the great honors bestowed upon The Scariest Things was was that we were accepted as part of the SXSW press pool. Unlike many of the other film festivals, SXSW has a strict press credential screening process, and the distribution of their credentials is not easily bestowed. So, we took it upon ourselves as our responbility to cover the entirety of the genre films that they present in their “Midnighter” offerings. And this year Liz was able to attend in person… next year we are hoping that all of us will be able to attend.

And we got a few instant classics as a reward!

We will be discussing many of these films at length on the Podcast, but in case you missed them when we posted them, you can check the Scariest Things reviews here:

Feature Films:

Bitch Ass ★★1/2

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★

The Cellar ★★★1/2

Deadstream ★★1/2

Dio: Dreamers Never Die ★★★★★

Emergency ★★★★

Hypochondriac ★★★★

Jethica ★★★★

The Prank ★★★★1/2

Slash/Back ★★★1/2

Sissy ★★★

Watcher ★★★★★

X ★★★★★

Short Films:

Blink ★★★★

Homesick ★★★

Moshari ★★★★ (Bangaladesh)

Night Breakers ★★★★ (Spain)

Wild Bitch ★★★

Can’t wait for the Austin Extravaganza next year! Some of these films, like X are already out in cinemas now. Most of them don’t yet have their theatrical or streaming release dates set, so keep your eyes on this site, as we will keep you posted as we know more.

Until then, ready yourselves by reading our reviews and listening to Episode 144!

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