The Scariest Things Episode 140: Horror Movies We are Looking Forward to in 2022

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Call it a hunch. Or perhaps morbid curiosity. We think these upcoming films could be pretty cool. As we transition from what was to what could be, The Scariest Things team casts its gaze forward to what horrors might entertain us the most. Listen in to Episode 140 and find out what you can look forward to with us in 2022!

OK, we realize that we haven’t had the greatest track record in our most anticipated films in previous years. Perhaps it’s because the films we know about are the ones that are receiving trailers and carry a bit of Hollywood buzz about them. We rarely know about the festival darling films, the independent movies that will come out of the woodwork to surprise, delight, and terrify us.

We’re getting a little better with that though as our knowledge of independent film directors and small studios gets better, we’re able to try and track what really might intrigue. But, what will often reach our awareness at this time of the year are the major studio efforts, the franchises, and the existing properties that are being turned into films.

That said, the upcoming slate of films has some serious promise. We have faith in some of our favorite directors who are returning with some films this year, with Jordan Peele and Ti West both returning to the director’s chair in 2022. Some of our favorite books are being converted into film adaptations, including some graphic novels.

It’s always interesting to look back at what we said last year, and which films ended up on the list of our favorite films at the end of the year. And… what films ended up on the list of our worst films of the year. (Whoops! Army of the Dead!) This year already has offered up a re-quel of debatable merit (Scream), and will be serving up another ambitious remake with Hellraiser, and the new Halloween trilogy will close things out with its “final chapter” with Halloween Ends and shore up some of the mixed critical reception while still rolling in box office cash.

Listen in for what we are excited about for the upcoming year, and perhaps you will find a favorite that you might want to mark your calendars for as well!

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