The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 138: The Best Horror Movies of 2021

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Happy New Year, Scariest Friends! The Scariest Things has now banked FOUR YEARS of podcasts and reviews, and despite a world-wide pandemic, we were able to see a lot of good movies and share our impressions with our ever growing fan base. It’s a good time to thank everybody who has checked in with us over the year. The new Golden Age of horror continues on, unabated, and we look forward to sharing with you a fantastic 2022!
TST’s Consensus Best Horror Movie of 2021: The Feast

As the worldwide real-life horror show that is the COVID 19 pandemic continues to offer unwanted sequels and variations, we have found that the appetite for great horror films continues despite the world still being half shut-in. We are fortunate to exist in an age where streaming media is inexpensive and available in 4K.

For the Scariest Things, it was a banner year, with many thanks to all of you listeners and readers out there! Among the biggest things for us this year were:

  • We were accepted into the press pool for the prestigious SXSW festival.
  • Our digital ranking moved from #38 to #16 Horror Blog/Website according to Feedspot. We’re in very good company with #15 being Horror News Network and #17 is Lore, both notable sites on the internet.
  • We presented our Monster Movie Bracket Fight Challenge at Rose City Comicon, for a gathering of about 200 horror movie fans.
  • Congratulations to The Invisible Man (Best Studio Feature) and Anything for Jackson (Best Independent/Limited Release Feature) our two big Thingy Award winners from 2021!
  • Eric was a juror for the Guignolfest Film Challenge.
  • We added our first two affiliate partners: FANGORIA and Atmos FX.
  • The Website had 197,982 views as of the time of this writing. Thank you all who have dropped in and taken a look.
  • Three of our favorite posts were deadlists: A Nearly Comprehensive list of Horror Musicals, 20 Great Horror Documentaries, and 32 Women Horror Directors you Should Know (recently updated.)

So it’s an upward growth trend for us, and it is YOU who helped make us what we are now! So now sit back and appreciate the full presentation of all of the Scariest Things Writing staff to share our favorite films of 2021.

If you want to read more about our picks, you can find the links to them below. One thing that we found unanimous: The Feast. Excellent movie! You will find a broad collection of movies however as that was the ONLY unanimous film on all of our team’s selections. So, you will get a lot of movie recommendations for your viewing pleasure (and discomfort!)

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