North Carolina’s Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival Brings on the Frights

Vampires, ghosts, slashers, and creepy creatures great and small return to North Carolina as Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival presents its seventh edition on October 1st and 2nd, 2021, with award-winning independent fright-fare features and short films from around the globe. Following is the official press information.

While most businesses and services have experienced shortages of both products and staff, this local horror film festival has not seen a shortage of blood, screams or terror. Seven years ago Wreak Havoc created a film festival and has cultivated a loyal following by hosting a festival of world premieres, new directors and writers, as well as fan favorites of the triad and surrounding areas. This year will be no different when we return to Marketplace Cinemas in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, October 1st and 2nd.

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Festivities and frights will begin Friday October 1st at 6pm with an introduction and exhibitions and a WORLD PREMIERE of Birthday Boy, a short written by Al Julian and directed and produced by Wreak Havoc Productions, LLC and Feedback Filmworks Production. It will be followed by several exhibition films.

At 7pm  our  first 75 minute block starts off with our beloved shorts. There is nothing to get the blood pumping than several of the most short and horrifyingly inventive stories from all over the world.

The Wraith (14)  

Candlesmoke (7) 

Wake (11)

The Backwards Game (5)

Port (2)

 Koreatown Ghost Story (15)

At Night (7)

Drip (9)

Woodsman (5)

The feature of the evening starts at 9:30, Vurdalak Blood, is one that has been nominated in several categories and has been the talk of the Wreak Havoc judges. (Editor’s note: The Scariest Things review is here!)

After going off to kill a vampire, a man returns home at the magic hour, between night and day. His family has doubts about whether he’s still human or whether he’s been bitten by the undead. His teenage daughter is determined to defend him, but their doubts and fears grow as the darkness of the night approaches.

You don’t want to miss this Argentinian film steeped in mythology and folklore!

The Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival will pick back up for its final day of screams on October 2nd at 3pm and will start with more exhibition films to get everyone in the mood for the horror to come. 

The 3rd block will start at 4pm with 73 minutes of the best blood curling shorts.

Dice (13)

Hide or Seek (20)

The Mystery Murder (15) 

…And Then The Darkness (14)

Mama’s Boy (7)

On the Road Again (4)

The Turn of the Screw is our second haunting feature of the festival and starts at 5:30. (Editor’s note: The Scariest Things review is here!)

Adapted from the famous Henry James novel, and set in an empty theatre over the course of one evening. Julia finds herself as a last minute replacement for another actress at the dress rehearsal of a stage play version of The Turn of the Screw, set in 1890.

Arriving at the theatre late that night, Julia is immediately thrown on stage and into her role, playing to an empty auditorium. As she interacts with the other characters and the story becomes increasingly terrifying, Julia begins to believe that not only is the fictitious house haunted . . . but also the theatre itself!

After a dinner break the festival will show its final set of short films starting at 8pm  and you don’t want to miss this block of the macabre and bloody.

Abracitos (11)

For Sale (15)

Soulmates (7)

Clamps (6)

The Killer of Grassy Ridge (9)

Sleep Now (7)

Hyde (7)

Sunrise (14)

The final feature of the evening is in the horror comedy genre and it promises to leave you laughing with its snarky humor and dry wit.

Red Snow starts at 9:30. (Editor’s note: The Scariest Things review is here!)

A struggling vampire romance novelist must defend herself against real-life vampires during Christmas in Lake Tahoe.

Following the last feature there is a closing ceremony including a filmmaker Q&A, where questions are encouraged.

The Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival has been an event that celebrates and  showcases international, national, and local horror films. The festival offers both feature and short films in many horror subgenres while recognizing and awarding the best of the festival. Wreak Havoc Horror Film Festival has evolved and changed based on the taste of its audience and the pandemic  but it’s in its 7th year of  celebrating the blood, gore, and fear the audience loves.

This festival was conceived out of love and with the purpose of showing the best of new and aspiring horror filmmakers. WHHFF’s ambition is to present the audience variety and an experience that nurtures and celebrates horror movies and filmmaking both international and local.  These aren’t just a random list of movies. These films represent a highly curated, official selection that were painstakingly deliberated by our team of judges.

This year our team of judges include;

Dan Sellers,  Director

Sammie Cassell,  Assistant Director

Annie Titus,  Marketing Director

Chad Hunt,  Judge

Jacob Allen,  Judge

Jeffrey Cochran,  Judge

Joseph Perry, Judge

Stephanie Griffin,  Judge

Jason Revill,  Judge

Horror lovers, filmmakers, and students learning the craft attend the film festival to show their support for horror films and the artists behind them. The film festival is interactive as attending special guests, like directors and producers, spend some post-show time sharing their stories and answering questions from the crowds. Audience members laugh, jump, and celebrate true horror-making at its heart-racing finest. 

Wreak Havoc Productions, LLC is a small film production company from Greensboro, North Carolina that produces shorts and feature films including Chatterbox, Midnight Shift, Trouble Will Cause, Countdown to Midnight and Uncle Otto’s Truck and more. We currently have several films in various stages of production.  We also produce the Wreak Havoc Film Buffs Podcast, a show about films by fledgling filmmakers,

And The Carolina Haints Podcast, a show about the things that go bump in the night.  You can find everything that we’re up to at our website:





Please check out our blog, WREAK HAVOC ALL ACCESS and subscribe to our quarterly newsletter.

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