Trailer Alert: Night of the Living Dead 2

Scary DVDs! Woo!

Well, it’s sort of a trailer.

Frankly it’s difficult to tell if the announcement surrounding Night of the Living Dead 2 is some sort of elaborate joke, a complete hoax, or a real life attempt to pick up where George Romero left off 53 years ago.

According to their very sparse website “The Wait is Almost Over. There are certain things that this world is just not ready for. We will do our best to inform you of as much as we can – when we can. Until then, all we can do is implore you to remain vigilant, stay alert, and keep watch.” Sounds awfully intriguing, but equally vague and unassured.

While Night of the Living Dead 2 has an IMDB page and a “website”, both are also a sparse bit of business. But! They do include some fascinating tidbits. Notably, the cast!

A not-so-secret homage to zombies of the past, including Lori Cardille (Day of the Dead), Terry Alexander (Day of the Dead), and Jarlath Conroy (you guessed…Day of the Dead). So, the big question is why is this not Day of the Dead 2 (technically Day of the Dead 3), as opposed to Night of the Living Dead 2? One can only hope that as we get closer to the release this fundamental question will be answered.

Until then we’ll just have to ponder whether that creep Harry Cooper makes a return from the grave to spew more racially charged invective. Until then, peep this trailer…and get excited?

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