Horror News: HOST scribe to make video game with HOST cast!

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Remember Host (2020)? Sure you do. The quintessential horror movie of the pandemic and one of our favorites here at The Scariest Things.

Up on Kickstarter right now is a campaign by Jed Shepherd, one of the writers/executive producers behind Host. He’s got some crazy plans for writing and directing a live action, real time video game that “takes inspiration from the works of Manx screenwriter Nigel Kneale and the blurring of fact and fiction in the found footage movies from the last 25 years”.

According to Kickstarter:

GHOSTS is a full motion video, horror game stepping into the shoes of Night Trap, Phantasmagoria and The 7th Guest. It’s a real-time live action game which means that it has to be played at 10pm in your local time zone. … However, unlike previous games in this oft-forgotten genre we’re creating a horror experience that aims to truly chill your blood and send full motion video games screaming into the modern day.

As far as gameplay goes, the plans are:

You play a TV producer, operating the outside broadcast van for a failing cable channel called FrighTV. Their flagship show is GHOSTS. It’s the only thing people want to watch on the channel anymore. A show that in its heyday captured millions of viewers on a major channel. Viewers were glued to their screens as the presenter with a team of eager ghost hunters explored haunted locations around the country.

As the cast explore the location, you not only need to worry about their safety, the noises you hear around the van and the strange neighbours, there’s also the urban legend of THE LONG LADY. Sightings of THE LONG LADY on this very street have chilled the bones of residents for decades.

The cast mentioned above is the same group of five talented women who knocked it out of the park in the film festival darling, Host.

Sure sounds like an interesting — and thoroughly ambitious — idea. Will it all come together? Will it be as awesome as it sounds? Who knows! Yours truly was intrigued enough to throw them some cash so assuming all goes well I’ll hopefully have something to review around February 2022. Fingers crossed.

Kickstarter campaign link:
GHOSTS – The Real-Time FMV Horror Game by Jed Shepherd

Article by Robert Zilbauer.

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