Movie Posters We Love: Amityville Horror (1979)

If you’re a regular listener to our little ol’ podcast you’ve probably heard us wax poetically about the (sadly) uneven implementation of one of the greatest horror plot lines of all time — the Amityville Horror. If you’re of a certain age Amityville and the Lutz family was all the talk. On the newsstands, in the classroom, at the water cooler. People were…um…obsessed…with this sad family and their demonic plight.

Fangoria! Woo!

As we all know now, AIP (American International Pictures) and their sleazy ways opted for a very different and very clean design in its North American offering. The Lutz house as a demonic looking skull and the ominously powerful phrase “For God’s Sake Get Out!” If this didn’t clean freak you out when you happened to saunter by the movie theater in 1979, then you were doing it all wrong.

Needless to say our friends in Thailand have a culturally different approach to horror and horror poster making. This version of the the Amityville Horror movie poster did not pull ANY punches. Our friends in Thailand turned up all the dials and nobs well past ten. Pushed every conceivable color from the palette to the poster. And curiously added some elements that may/may not have even been in the original.

Would this Thai take on the Amityville Horror have made this horror fete better? Would it have turned audiences running AWAY from the theater? Who knows. All we do know is that this interpretation of the Amityville Horror is a true piece work in the weirdest, wildest, and way out sense!

If this here cinematic oddity interests you truck on over to Monster Brains for WAY more weirdness!

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