Trailer Alert! Death Rider in the House of Vampires (2021)

Oh sure, who doesn’t love to revel in the lunacy that is Evil Elvis AKA Glenn Danzig AKA the linchpin to the greatest horror punk band of all time, the Misfits. His comics, his music, and his enigmatic approach to life are so fascinating, and easily parodied and barbed, but it’s his film outings that are quite simply …indescribable.

ATMOSfx! Woo!
I want to rock and roll and party every day!

That’s why we here at the Scariest Things Podcast are beyond the pale with excitement that Glenn Danzig is taking another crack at the movie-making biz. This week Danzig set the world on its ear with news that we’d soon get to feast our eyes on DEATH RIDER IN THE HOUSE OF VAMPIRES! Really. No joke. That’s the title. But even the title is no match for the vampire mayhem contained in the newly minted trailer. Death Rider, Count Holiday, Kid Vlad, Bela Latigo, and even the Sinful Vampire Gunfighter are all here to fight(?) the dreaded vampire scourge!

Taking a page or two from Verotika, a little Sergio Leone, and smidge of Tarantino, and upping the ante with legitimate actors (Danny Trejo and Eli Roth), this film looks like ol’ Glenn might have cracked the code — or rather a code. For those of you out there that saw Verotika, including our own Robert Zilbauer, and are saying “…wait a second, that film was…uh….a little incomplete” or in Robert’s assessment “If you’re a fan of bad movies, Verotika is one of those truly terrible movies that’s probably worth seeing with a room full of friends and a case of beer. That’s good, right? A room full of friends with beer? Sign me up.

Whether you want run and hide from this impending madness or embrace its hyper-questionable-stripper-infused glory, it is coming for YOU! Don’t take our word for it, sit back and rock out to the latest installment or horror-punk-weirdness!

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