Liz’s Book Report: The Beauty of Horror Coloring Book Series

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★★★★★ out of ★★★★★

By Alan Robert

This is not your typical book report because these aren’t just any old horror book these are coloring books! Described as “art therapy for the abnormal”, each book follows the creepy Ghouliana Belie as she searches for lost items in the woods, casts a spell in her “creepatorium” and resurrects a friend whose parts are scattered in a haunted playground.

Liz’s work in progress

Created by comic book artist and metal bass player Alan Robert (Life of Agony 🤘), each book is packed with the intricate and creepy pages for you to bring to life. These books are the perfect remedy 2020 giving horror lovers the perfect way to de-stress.

Volume IV has just been released and you can also check out Ghouliana themed tarot cards and journals on the Beauty of Horror website.

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