Horror News: Daft Punk is Scoring the Next Dario Argento Film

What?!?!? First Thom Yorke dips his toes in the water with his somber interpretation of Goblin’s blood-soaked Suspiria vision, and now Daft Punk is scoring the next Dario Agento film? Color us shocked and awed.

Horror is a genre that’s always pushed boundaries, looked for new and inventive ways to tell a story, and most importantly never been satisfied with the same old sounds and intonations. Horror icon Dario Argento has never been satisfied with turning in a tired and routine project.

Dario is coming back to the director’s chair in his first outing since 2012’s Dracula 3D with a newly announced giallo thriller — “Occhiali Neri” (aka “Black Glasses”). This time around he’s not bringing Goblin (Dawn of the Dead, the Church, and Hell of the Living Dead) with him, he’s not bringing along Claudio Simonetti (Deep Red, Suspira, Tenebre, and Demons), he’s bringing along Daft Punk!

In all fairness to these long-standing EDM wunderkinds, they do have 92 soundtrack credits to their name so it’s not as if they’re new to the game. Quite the contrary, Daft Punk has turned in some real winners, including the dark and brooding return to Tron in 2010.

So what do we know about this truly monumental mashup? Well, Argento says it’s a return to giallo-based crime films involving a Chinese girl and a child. Dario’s daughter Asia is in on the project. Allegedly Daft Punk approached Dario and not the other way around. And, according to those know-it-alls over at IMDB, the film is “Based on a 2002 screenplay by Dario Argento and Franco Ferrini that was shelved when Vittorio Cecchi Gori, the production company, filed for bankruptcy.” Well that might just sounds mysterious. Throw in a black-gloved madman, some eyeball stabbing, and little electronic trance, and we might just have something special.

Either way, the Scariest Things Podcast is EXCITED — with a capital E! While we’re waiting for this 2020 production to hit the streets head on over to YouTube and check out one Daft Punk’s finer cuts from Tron.

ATMOSfx! Woo!

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