The Scariest Things Podcast: Episode 92 : Sexy Horror

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Quite the trio! David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, and Susan Sarandon in the Tony Scott steamy vampire movie The Hunger. A rare Trifecta that Eric, Liz, and Mike all came to the same conclusion. It’s super sexy!
Hey baby. How ya doin’? Why don’t you come and sit a little closer? Wait! That’s close enough. Six feet please. Yeahhhh, good, that’s better. Ok, relax, it’s time to Netflix (or Shudder) and Chill to the erotic side of the horror genre. The Scariest Things has now strutted into the realm of the scary AND steamy. Mike even put his finest fishnets on for this one.

After many months about joking about this, we’ve finally gotten around to something that make Mike very uncomfortable: SEXY HORROR. Because horror movies tend to occupy the R rated side of the movie universe, it is common to have not just copious amounts of blood in horror movies, but they also tend to have a lot of sexual situations, But, just because a horror movie has a sex scene in it, doesn’t mean that the movie is sexy. Horror movies will often feature a lot of skin and sex, but something else is required to make a horror movie erotic or sensual. TST offers up what we think meets that high threshold.

What we figured out, though, is that when you want to consider the movie to be actually sexy in any sort of way, it has to go beyond having pretty actors and actresses. It has to be more than titillating, it has to activate your brain in a deeper way.

We suspected as we prepared for this episode, that vampire movies would dominate this episode. And, we found it to be true. A lot of really sexy horror is largely the domain of the bloodsuckers. There’s something about the penetrating bite of the vampire and the transfer of body fluids that is so suggestive. (Ahem!) That’s not to say that there aren’t other sub-genres that can bring the erotic. As we dug deep, we found for you: a freaky genetic experiment, a legendary witch, a lycanthrope, a succubus, a mad dance cult, a sexy punk zombie, a medical prisoner, and yes, plenty of vampires.

We took a slightly different approach for this episode. Instead of picking three broadly applicable movies, we instead broke it down to:

  • Best sleazy sexy horror movie
  • Best romantic sexy horror movie
  • Best artistic sexy horror movie
  • Most horrific sexy horror movie. (Is that redundant?)

So, as Liz says in our introduction, slip into something more comfortable and put your feet up, it’s time to explore sexy horror!

Get your motor running, Liz!
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