Trailer Alert: Black Christmas (2019)

Well, we’re not sure who asked for this, but it’s on the way. On December 13, 2019, we’ll all get a chance to sit down and ingest the latest spooky offerings from Blumhouse in the form of the re-re-re-make of Black Christmas.

Scary DVDs! Woo!

As always, we here at the Scariest Things Podcast are a pinch unclear what the point of this one is — save for the fact that it looks like there’s something of a twist, a re-imagination, new killer(s), a cult, and other more evil-ish things than it’s forebears.

It’s not 1974, it’s not 2006…it’s 2019…and that means another remake? Color us happy, enthralled, but deeply skeptical. In the mean time, sit back, and take in the recently release trailer for this super-spook-fest!

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