YOUR Horror Movie Personal Profile and The Scariest Things Podcast Episode LXXIII: The SPEED ROUND

Scary DVDs! Woo!
So, enough about us, what about you? What are YOUR horror movie preferences? We’ve developed a 100 question portfolio that asks you the tough questions that make up your own Horror Movie Profile!

OK, perhaps that was a wee bit misleading, because it is partially about US. (But no, really, we did this because we figured it would be fun for everyone to participate along with us.)

In this episode, Eric, Mike, and Liz will go through the questions in rapid-fire order with no exposition. So much information to get through, we’ll have to go fast! At the conclusion, you’ll get a good sense of what we’re about, if you haven’t already figured that out from listening to us regularly. We invite you to follow along, download the PDF attached here, or filling in the digital survey (same questions) and you can fill in your own horror profile with us… or whenever you want to, and you can share it back with us if you want.

Questions like:

  • Horror Movie I could watch on repeat.
  • Most embarrassingly bad horror movie special effects or makeup.
  • Favorite movie actor – cheez and sleaze factor
  • Favorite female movie director
  • Favorite VHS box art.
  • Favorite mad scientist movie.
  • Most shocking surprise moment.
  • Underseen Horror Movie of the grindhouse era – 1970s.
  • Favorite Down-Under or Kiwi Horror Movie.
  • The Bridge too far movie that I had to bail on.`

Plus 90 more profile defining questions that will describe your love of the genre! Are any of yours the same of ours? Stay tuned!

You’ve got two ways to participate. One, if you have a desire to fill inthe questions App style, you can fill in this digital questionnaire! You will need to provide your e-mail so that we can send you back your filled in HORROR PROFILE. (We were trying to figure out how to get this to just make a pdf for you, but it got a bit tricky.)

If you prefer a more straight up PDF download to see the questions, you can load the pdf of the question RIGHT HERE:

To participate with us, you can either prep in advance, download the profile and write down your questions in advance (like Liz who is always ready with backups), or, you can just listen to this extemporaneously and wing it! (Like Mike is often willing to do).

OK… enough waiting, this is a speed round, after all… so now… what is your Favorite Horror Movie? GO! GO! GO!

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