Movie News: Momo gets her own Momovie

ATMOSfx! Woo!
“Mother Bird” artist Keisuke Aiso

Remember Momo?

“Mother Bird” a.k.a. Momo

Sure you do! Momo was accused of infiltrating children’s shows on YouTube and making kids do Bad Things™. Naturally, it had to be true because someone posted a picture of Momo online and said it was true! Doubly true, in fact, once Kim Kardashian re-posted the warning to her millions of acolytes. From there it went viral and everybody went a little bonkers.

As it turned out, Momo wasn’t even her real name. However, the urban legend was born and those things are nothing if not persistent.

The original figure was created by Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso as part of a 2016 exhibition in the swanky Ginza neighborhood of Tokyo. Aiso heads up Link Factory, a small prop-making/special effects company based in a sleepy suburb of Tokyo.

Momo’s birthplace – Aiso’s studio.
Photo by Ryusei Takahashi.

Aiso’s creation — originally named “Mother Bird” — was inspired by the ubume or yokai, supernatural creatures that appear in both Japanese and Chinese folklore. Traditionally, she’s either the ghost of a woman who died during childbirth or a mysterious feathered creature that sounds creepily like an infant and harms children.

By the time the hoax was unleashed two years later (likely by South American digital pranksters), the real Mother Bird was all but falling apart and had to be thrown away. Silicone doesn’t last forever, you know.

Urban legends on the other hand…

Enter: Orion Pictures and Vertigo Entertainment!

Currently untitled, the new Momo project reunites Vertigo’s Roy Lee and producer Taka Ichise. This is the same duo that brought us The Grudge and The Ring franchises. Not to mention Lee also produced New Line’s It (2017) — the highest grossing horror movie in Hollywood history.

So, while the original Mother Bird sculpture is dead and gone, her spirit is alive and kickin’.

Momo is dead; long live Momo!

Article by Robert Zilbauer.

Source: Deadline

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