Horror Movie News: The Banana Splits Movie gets a trailer and an R rating

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Horror is a big, broad, wide, deep and inviting genre. Everybody is welcome to hang out, have some chips, try on a new hat or two, and generally see what kind of stuff scares them to their core. There’s aliens, monsters, zombies, serial killers, clowns, slashers, scream queens, and now there’s…The Banana Splits?

Yes, this is not an elaborate April Fool’s joke. It’s real, it’s got horror and gore and violence, it’s rated R, and it’s headed your way. Apparently, it’s going to get a SYFY release later this year, as well as a BluRay/DVD release. The entire Banana Splits gang is headed out to kill, kill, kill. Not clear what’s going on in the Banana Splits world, other than the fact the Fleegle, Drooper, Bingo, and Snorky go, uh, Bananas!!!

While this does seem like the greatest/oddest horror mashup of all time, and there’s at good chance this will be thrown on the trash heap of horror VHS tapes, we’ll withhold judgement, cross out fingers and hope, hope, hope that the Banana Splits Movie turns out to be a gore-filled P-A-R-T-Y!

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