Horror Movie News: Another Black Christmas Remake

We’ll just park this over here in the What the What!?!?!? category. Apparently, and justifiably, unsatisfied with the 2006 remake of Black Christmas, your horror homies over at Blumhouse have decided to touch the third rail and re-re-make the groundbreaking 1974 horror classic.

Granted, the 2006 remake was highly unnecessary and poorly conceived. Filmaker Glen Morgan (Willard remake) decided it would be a good idea to explore the back-story of one of the first slashers to ever hit the silver screen, Billy. Obviously, the remake didn’t bother to ask whether this back story was needed or whether the 1974 was somehow artistically lacking without this clumsy exposition. Nor, and maybe more importantly, did they create anything value added. They just saw a paycheck, ignored the greatness of the original, pounded out an inferior product, and went straight to DVD.

2019 is a very different year than 2006, and Blumhouse has decided to hire its first ever female director, Sophia Takal, to helm the reboot. Takal directed 2011’s thriller Green, produced 2016’s horror-psycho-drama Always Shine, and played a role in 2012’s VHS. That’s some good chops! We here at the Scariest Things Podcast are super-interested to see a super-solid female director take on the remake of the superb film, Black Christmas. Here’s to hoping we get a stellar modern take on the slasher that started it all.

Good thing we all have hyper-short memories and have the ability to fully forget 2006! It’s 2019, and it’s time for a new-new reboot of Black Christmas. HO HO HO!

Stay tuned for a trailer an more news on the Black Christmas front!

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