Horror Shorts: Alien 40th Anniversary #4: Ore

Scary DVDs! Woo!

In space, you can’t measure bravery until you make a stand for your loved ones. Alien: Ore brings the goods in the fourth installment of the 40th Anniversary Short Film Project.

Directed by The Spear Sisters

IGN and Tongal have released the fourth installment of their tribute to Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic. The directors have managed to pack in a whole lot of Alien Easter eggs into this basket. Of the films released so far, this one has the most resonance for me. Spoilers of the short film are ahead, so if you don’t want to know anything about the plot, go straight for the video at the end of this post, and then read our analyses.

The blue-collar miners on Bowen’s Landing platinum mining facility are a hardscrabble lot. The crew are going deeper and deeper into the mine looking for the valuable ore, and they have run across something. Lorraine (Mikala Jay) leads the group in search of the mother lode, when one of their team is found with his chest burst open. And the miners decide upon the most sensible thing… to retreat to safer ground.

But in the mine with them is a now full-sized xenomorph. And, to make things worse, the safety control officer Hanks (Tara Pratt) who is guiding them has gone full Ash, and is instructed, as is Weyland Yutani’s habit, to protect the alien. The control room has echoes of the APC from Aliens, but it all makes sense, operationally.

Similarly, the miners act rationally, though spooked at first, they realize that in order to save the colony, they need to make a stand. The bravery exhibited in this film is more than is exhibited in most films in the franchise, and not just the short films, but in the feature films as well. They stick together and steel themselves for a fight. Normal folks. Not gonna let the aliens win. Probably the first fist-pumping moment from all these short films. I loved it!

I remain really impressed with the director’s ability to do so much with such light resources. In this case, the Spear Sisters also had a large cast of more than ten people to organize for an eight-minute movie. And it looks big screen ready. The xenomorph effects are excellent. I think it’s CG, but it MIGHT be practical, and the fact that I can’t easily tell is fantastic. If the goal of the short film exercise was to recreate the feel of the original fims (the first three) I think they nailed it with this one.

Check it out here, again courtesy of IGN.

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