Horror Shorts: The House of Lexi (2019) Trailer

Fangoria! Woo!

Coming soon to a genre festival near you! M.W. Daniels brings you House of Lexi, starring Emma Dark.

That poster caught your attention, didn’t it? Well, it did for us at TST as well. Here is the teaser trailer for the upcoming thriller House of Lexi, a stylized short film that has echoes of somber English horror/thriller fare like last year’s Beast, and from the trailer, has the cold resonance of indie Euro films like Blue My Mind and When Animals Dream.

The opening narration supplies you with the tragedy of a young woman, Lexi (Emma Dark) whose mother miscarried and then died in a car crash soon thereafter. According to the official site, “Lexi imagines her sister growing up and wants to be there for her but the emotional bond turns and starts to haunt and makes her question what’s happening to her. “

Emma Dark and Helen Stephens in The House of Lexi (2019) Photo by Nicolai Kornum

Daniels has been directing and developing a library of psychological horror short films in a very short period of time, including The Affliction Table (2018), Being Without (2018), and Emily’s Hands (2019) which is also due for release this year. (All films currently in the festival loop right now.) It’s great to see such proliferation of short films, as for many short film directors and producers, the production of even the shortest movies can be hugely time-consuming endeavors, usually financially borne on the back of the directors themselves.

In addition to writing, producing, and directing these films, he also is the musical composer. A drummer and singer for 35 years, Daniels is something of a horror Rennaissance man. In addition to the films already completed, he has a busy slate of films coming up for the next year. If you find yourself enjoying his work, you’re going to see a lot more of it soon.

House of Lexi does not have any festival release information yet, but will be arriving at the festival circuit this summer. It will likely be available for streaming download next year after the festival run.

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