Movie Posters We Love: A Virgin Among the Living Dead (1973)

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Whoa boy! A lot to unpack here. This Spanish-French erotic horror thriller (cuz’ there’s nothing more erotic than horror) was originally release in 1973 as Une Vierge Chez Les Morts Vivants AKA A Virgin Among the Living.

In a fascinating little hustle Director Jesus Franco recut this film, added a couple zombies, and re-released the film in 1981 as a zombie film. That’s the kind of huckster-ism we here at the Scariest Things Podcast can get behind!

Jesus Franco is an interesting guy in his own right. With 180 writing credits and 205 directorial credits to his name, he had no quit in his game: Dr Wongs Virtual Hell, Macumba Sexual, Hellhole Women, Midnight Party, Barbed Wire Dolls, and his final film — Revenge of the Alligator Women! Sadly Mr. Franco died in 2013 upon completing Revenge of the Alligator Women.

Sit back, crack open your favorite beverage, and bask in the glow of pure exploitation greatness!

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