The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: An Interview With Author Ben Goldsmith of Source Point Press

When at a comic convention, you’ve got to talk comics! The last of our Wizard World interviews is with Ben Goldsmith, author of the just released horror comic The Seance Room from Source Point Press. This was a fun interview!

One of the best things about being at Wizard World was getting a chance to meet with producers of all things horror. Ben Goldsmith tracked us down on the Convention floor and treated us with his new book The Seance Room, which just had its no 1. issue released this month.

It’s an anthology that borrows strongly from the old E.C. comic tropes of “The wicked will get their comeuppance.” Old school morality plays are in action as we follow the trials of a ne’er-do-well scoundrel of a lawyer and the twist of fate he receives when he stumbles into a mansion which forces him to confront his sins, and cosmic time and space twists occur.

The book is illustrated in a painterly fashion, by Keyla Valerio, and the work is reminiscent of Ben Templesmith’s (30 Days of Night) art, with watercolor feels and deep, dark shadows and bright contrast glare. Dave McKean’s (Arkham Asylum) influence is also seen in her presentation. This is an R-Rated book, so parents, take note.

Source Point Press has been producing a number of horror titles, including Holliston, Carnival of Carnage, Urbane Decay, and The Rejected. If you are in to horror comics, you should check this stuff out. I am particularly interested in another title, which I will be producing a separate post for… it’s just too curious to bury in the context of this post.

Ben Goldsmith was an absolute scream to interview, and man, did he bring the energy! In addition to talking about a wide range of topics from his book to tattoos to Twisted Sister… and Twisted Sister tattoos… he also mentioned that one of Source Point Press’ source materials Rottentail is being produced as a motion picture, to be released on April 14! And… there’s a good bit of Troma to that movie… gonzo goofy production. Hippity Hoppity Homicide! The VVitch, this is not, but if your taste goes more towards gory comedy horror, this might just be in your basket.

Fangoria! Woo!

The Scariest Things would like thank Ben for dropping by, and wish him the best with his new book! Dude has a stand-up comedy career if he wants a side gig. Any time you want to do another interview, let us know!

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