The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: The Unipiper and the Portland at the Movies Podcast

Keeping it Weird at Wizard World! Mike is joined by Brian “The Unipiper” Kidd and Todd Werkhoven, hosts of Portland at the Movies to talk about some oddball horror movies shot in Portland.

Another great podcast peer interaction for the Scariest Things! Our next-door booth-mate happened to be the local pop culture icon Brian Kidd, The Unipiper, who does expert cosplay while riding a Unicycle, and playing flaming bagpipes! He is the most identifiable embodiment of the Keep Portland Weird movement and at Wizard World, you could hear the soundtrack from Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and other iconic soundtracks periodically piping throughout the convention center. He also happens to be a really nice guy… and as our own Scariest Amy had told me… “He’s so cute!”

The Unipiper arrived sporting his Superman cosplay outfit, though I never remember Supes wearing a kilt. Maybe it is an Elseworlds variant, where Kal-El ended up crashing into Loch Ness rather than Kansas.

Joining Brian for a quick podcast extra interview is Todd Werkhoven, who along with Mark Middleton, are hosts of the Portland at the Movies Podcast. Now, Portland isn’t exactly Hollywood, but it has had its fair share of movies… most of them done on the cheap, and most of them dreadful. But like us, these guys love the movies, and they love Portland. They do their best to uncover the history of Portland’s cinema productions, and they revel in the awfulness of it all!

For the record, The Scariest Things is a huge fan of Behind the Mask, The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Hands down, it’s the best horror movie filmed in PDX. And, as an editorial note, the restaurant that Mike was trying to come up with is… Lardo! And again, for the record, the Scariest Things loves Lardo’s menu. (It’s a much nicer joint now, than it was for Leslie Vernon.)

For our Portland-based fans, go check out their podcast. It’s Portland pop-culture gold from those who know our city’s personality the best. There may be no weirder idea than Deafula, right? Many thanks to Todd and Brian for stopping by our booth to share your hometown movie love! You certainly have found a new set of fans in the Scariest Things.

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