The Scariest Things and Wiz World are Teaming up!

Come see the Scariest Things LIVE at Wizard World Portland from February 22-24!

Hello Scariest Fans…Particularly for our fans in the Portland area! We are proud to be affiliated with the biggest comic convention roadshow around, Wizard World! The good folks at Wizard World have decided to up their game regarding the horror genre, and have asked your humble podcast hosts to help roll out their horror genre offerings at their Portland show. TWICE! And now, if you use our promotional code SCARIEST, you can save 10% off on your admission. You can get your tickets HERE.

Note… this also is good for the next two Wizard World shows in Cleveland (March 9-11) and Saint Louis (April 5-7). Early bird tickets are available now for those shows. So to our friends in the midwest… get the early bird package AND the Scariest Things discount!

So… back to Portland. We will be performing TWO live shows:


On the evening of Friday the 22nd (exact time TBD) we will be presenting Mount Rushhorror! We will nominate iconic horror characters to be memorialized on our own version of Mt. Rushmore, and the audience will vote on who makes the cut! And, we will have one of the fantastic comic artists at the convention illustrating this terrifying edifice, and we will raffle it to one of the audience members! This will be a lively debate, where democracy will rule the day, (Until Mike overrules it) and one lucky audience member will be a winner


The following night, On Saturday the 23rd, The Scariest Things will be doing a live podcast discussing the very best in horror movies from around the world. Every region has its own flavor and styling of horror, and Eric and Mike are going to reveal their favorites and discuss what makes them so connected to their culture so that you can be a horror cosmopolitan connoisseur, just like us! Or wait, is that a cosmopolitan charlatan? Either way, come and get your gateway fix for foreign terror with us on Saturday night, where we will also be giving away the Mt. Rushhorror painting (and maybe some other goodies!)

Our friend, Max at Wizard World is actively looking to get some really cool horror guests to join us, and we at the Scariest Things have SWORN TO SECRECY some of the unbelievably cool genre guests he’s trying to wrestle up, but if what we think is going to happen comes true, you’ll be in for a treat! Stay tuned here for more announcements.

From personal experience, I have been to the last five Wizard Worlds in Portland, and I love scouring the floor for original comic, sci-fi, and horror themed art. I have spent days in the Artist’s Alley looking for the next artifact for my collections at home. I would never miss this show, and now they want us to be a part of it! How cool is that?

If your interests go beyond the horror genre, there are some BIG TIME guests to meet. And nobody on the planet is currently more in demand than Jason Momoa, and he will be in Portland for pictures and meet and greets! Aquaman! Here! And if you’re a DC Comics fan, Melissa Benoist (Supergirl), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), and Tylor Hoechlin (Superman) are also in attendance. And, the cosplay competition is not to be missed! Unless, of course, it happens at the same time as our panel… in which case… skip the Cosplay competition!

More guests will be announced soon, and more details will be forthcoming. We will endeavor to get you updated information as soon as it arrives!

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