The Scariest Things Patreon Campaign!

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Be part of the Scariest Things Family, and become a Patreon supporter. We can be horror buddies!

If you like what you read and hear from The Scariest Things, why don’t you become a benefactor? For the mere cost of one bus ticket per month, you could help keep us operational, while we bring you the latest and greatest that the genre has to offer. And, for a little more, you can have some real influence on the content we provide.

If you become a Friend of the Scariest Things, we’ve got some enticements for you! Here are some of the things that we are offering for our patrons:

  • Do you want a shout out by name on the podcast?
  • Would you like to read the closing tagline to the podcast?
  • We’re taking requests! Would you like to request a blog review of a movie that we haven’t covered yet? How about a dedicated review of a movie as an exclusive podcast extra?
  • Do you want to share your favorite horror movie with the rest of the Scariest Things Community?
  • Taking it one step further, would you like to participate in the Scariest Things Jury, and have a say in the dead list rankings? (The Top 100 films being one of them.)
  • A Scariest Things Tee Shirt!
  • Access to Patreon Supporter only raffles!
  • How about choosing a topic for the Podcast?

Here is the link to our Patreon page. We dare you to take a look!

Our first stretch goal is 50 Patrons, and once we hit that goal we will raffle off this limited edition print from Dave Correia “Sphere of Hallucination”, a 12″ x 12″ print, signed by the Artist!

Sphere of Hallucination by Dave Correia

We’re hoping in this way we can get our fans more involved with the things we do, building the community of horror genre fans along the way. And, we appreciate any and all support that our patrons can provide, as content creators. The independent horror community is a tight knit bunch, and ironically, are some of the nicest people you’d ever meet! Once you are on board, we will post your profile and your favorite films in our Friends of Scariest Things page.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the content we’ve provided you, and we thank you all for visiting our site, and listening to our podcast!

One of US! One of US! Gooble gobble, gooble gobble ONE OF US!

See? Buddies! Horror movies are about friendship! And bloodletting. But who’s to say we can’t have a little of both?

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