Trailer Alert: One Must Fall (2019)

Scary DVDs! Woo!
Sarah (Julie Strebel) wonders where the killer is in One Must Fall. Kind of important, no?

An absolutely brutal looking movie to “look forward to” in 2019. The big takeaway: If you are a crime scene cleaner, make sure the criminal has been caught before you start your work.

Director Antonio Pantoja’s original take for the slasher genre looks to be very bloody. Sarah has gotten canned from her job and takes a new position as part of a forensic cleanup crew. They get sent to the site of a grisly murder… but the killer (Barry Piascente) is still on the premises. Uh oh! And, it looks like this crew is set up to be a fresh batch of the killer’s next victims. One Must Fall is listed by IMDB as a horror comedy, but the trailer suggests to be 95% Horror 5% comedy.

Lloyd Kaufman is in it, so that lends some credence to the potential comedy, but it also suggests a certain level of movie quality. As far as I can tell, it does not bear the Troma label, so the schlock-stick nature of Toxic Avenger isn’t expected. There is not a whole lot about this film is out there yet, but if you are a fan of the slasher sub-genre, this trailer will probably move this movie to the top of your must-see list for 2019 horror.

It has something of the blue-collar horror feel of something like Session 9, and if it approaches the quality of that modern classic, we no-holds-barred might have something pretty cool. It also is purported to be an 80’s period piece, and the poster has that retro Chopping Mall/Maniac vibe to it.

One Must Fall is going to debut at Cincinnati’s Horrorhound Festival March 15-17. At this point, it does not carry an MPAA rating so it might not end up with a theatrical release outside of the festival circuit. And, in which case, it’s no-holds-barred on the bloodletting.

Scariest Crew, what do you think?

This really isn’t my kind of horror movie, but it looks to have a high body count and a lot of gore. So, yay? A good premise, but I’m dubious about the production. I’ll probably end up seeing it at a festival, since it sounds like where it will end up. I am expecting this to be much campier than the trailer suggests.

Huh. That’s a horror/comedy? I’m assuming there’s more to the “comedy” part than we see in the trailer. Either that, or this is super dark comedy? Laughing in the face of Death? Maybe? Either way, I’ll probably have to learn more before I try to catch it. As it stands, it seems kinda generic to me.

Interesting, if not twisty, premise.  But unless Sarah (the main protagonist) in the trailer turns out to be the killer, the trailer lines out the entire film in two minutes.  Why buy the cow if they’re giving the milk away for free? 


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