The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XLVI: One-Off Oddball Horror

Some movies are so odd that they’ve only been done once, and are not at risk of being remade.  Here are some of the best oddball horror movies we’ve seen, in Episode 46 of The Scariest Things Podcast!

Does something as crazy as double lazy eyes creep you out?  It does for me! That Gif from the movie Blue Sunshine gives me the willies in a way that a slasher just can’t.  These are the weird ones.  Movies that are so unique and so tied to the signature style of the directors that trying to mimic them would be a lost cause.  Some of these films have been lost in time, too strange to be massive cultural sensations, or so tied to the style of the directors that other directors dare not try and mimic them.

These are the movies that leave us scratching our heads and make you feel uneasy, and the director has a wholly different approach at making the audience squirm. I recently posted a group of ten films that are rather gonzo, and I refer to some of them in this podcast.  Mike, I believe has one-upped me with three films that I was completely unaware of, and a fourth that indeed is a one of a kind science fiction horror -thriller.

This is the inverse of the Horror Trope.  As opposed to the familiar and recognizable, the instantly recognizable pattern, these movies play in ideas that nobody thought of before. In truth, perhaps only horror writers and directors think about such bizarre concepts.  These are very personal art projects, sometimes minimalist, sometimes surreal, sometimes just plain hallucinogenic.  Or, there are some cases where the director wants to explore something so taboo that no one else is likely to follow in their footsteps.

With all that said, get ready to dive into the nasty trip fantastic in Episode 46!


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