The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XLV: Our Favorite Movies We Reviewed this year (Non-2018 Films Edition)

Fangoria! Woo!

Logan Marshall-Green in The Invitation (2015)

Eric and Mike have seen so many good horror movies that we figured we would recap some of our favorite films we saw for the first time this year.

One of the great things about starting this blog and podcast is that we’ve watched a WHOLE LOT of horror films this year.  2018 has been a great year for horror films, but we’ll get to our best of this year in an upcoming podcast.  And, to be honest, we’ve had to play a little catch-up on some older films, because what kind of horror hosts would we be if we didn’t have a whole slew of great films to share with you? This episode, we’re concentrating on some of our favorite non-2018 films that we saw for the first time this year.  You might also call this episode “In case you missed it!”

We’ve tried to dig into the more obscure films so that you can find some hidden gems to add to your watch list.  And, we’ve picked films that weren’t on the Top 100 list, since, well, we’ve talked plenty about them.  Now, keep in mind, these are favorites, we aren’t claiming these to be technically the BEST films, but we really enjoyed them all, and we think you will too. We have full written reviews on all these films in the blog, so search the review page, and you can check out some additional insights.  (And, if you’re looking for it, the search function is at the bottom of the page!)

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