The Scariest 100,000 Views Ever!


ATMOSfx! Woo!

What? Are you kidding?  We’ve hit 100,000 views, and there’s still two months to go in the year?  That’s amazing!

That’s about 98,000 more views than I expected, but we have all of you fans out there to thank!  I’m rather banking on the fact that we don’t have ten fans out there who have clicked on our site 10,000 times.

So a big thank you to all of our loyal readers and podcast listeners who’ve stuck with us, and given us reason to keep bringing you the scary! We’re happy to bring you new things, like book reports and the Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time, and we’re always looking to improve the site and the podcast.  (Yes, we will be upgrading our audio for the Podcast before too long…) If there are things that you’d like us to see, a movie to review, or a podcast topic you want us to cover, please send us a comment and we’d be thrilled to accommodate you.

Everybody dance!

Godzilla dance.gif



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