Horror Movie News: ‘Goodnight Mommy’ getting English language remake

Scary DVDs! Woo!

Because sometimes they just can’t leave well enough alone. 

gm-posterThe creepy Austrian film Goodnight Mommy (2014) was well-received (and well-reviewed by our own Scariest Eric) and is now getting an English language remake whether it wants one or not. In the original slow-moving but disturbing movie, Elias and his twin brother Lukas arrive at their mother’s house to find her face covered in bandages − the result, she explains, of recent cosmetic surgery. Lukas delights in their mother’s uncharacteristically lax house rules, but in Elias’ mind, a dreadful thought takes root: the sinking suspicion that this woman beneath the gauze isn’t really their mother.

The remake is being produced by David Kaplan (It Follows (2014), It Comes At Night (2017)) along with Nicolas Brigaud-Robert and Valery Guibal. The two writers/directors of the Austrian original, Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, will serve as executive producers for the remake.

Directing the new version is Matt Sobel (Take Me to the River (2015)). He and Kyle Warren are writing the screenplay based on their interpretation of the original. When asked about the new project, Sobel had this to say…

My favorite films are those that invite the audience to step inside their protagonist’s journey. Whether fear of abandonment, or the dreadful realization that those closest to us may not be who they seem, our re-imagining of Goodnight Mommy aims to create an immersive nightmare, with visceral sensations front and center.

So far, there’s been no news about whether or not the Stunt Roaches from the original film, Mathilder and Nermal, will be reprising their roles in this new endeavor.


[Source: Deadline]


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