Horror Movie News: Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich Trailer

Scary DVDs! Woo!
PM reich

OK, you’ve heard me praising this movie.  Now you can see the trailer for yourselves!

Update 8/4/18: If the movie is not showing in a theater near you, Cinestate announced that on the same day as their theatrical release, they are day and date launching it streaming on demand.  I still recommend you see it in a packed hall with lots of horror fans in attendance… this is one of those where the audience reactions are priceless.

Convention collectible carnage is coming!  Fangoria is back in a big way, and in case you missed my review, I assure you, this is the Puppet Master you’re looking for.  Or, maybe for a lot of you, this may be the Puppet Master you never knew you were looking for and wanted to see some non-stop puppet on person mayhem!  Is it gross?  Yep.  Is it inappropriate?  Yep.  Is it funny?  Yep.  Gory, goofy, and loaded with redshirts set up for the offing.

You can also hear my interview with the producer, Amanda Presmyk here.

So, I’ve written plenty on the film already… on with the RED BAND (NSFW) trailer!

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