Horror Shorts: The Armoire (2017)

This short film may make you reconsider the value of free furniture that has been abandoned.  

So, say you’re new in town, and don’t have a good paying job yet.  Your apartment is unfurnished, and you just happen to spot what looks like a perfectly suitable piece of furniture that would be just right… abandoned in a side lot.  Well, you might want to reconsider the wisdom of picking that piece of furniture up!  Honestly, it looks like a nice enough piece that I wouldn’t mind having it in my house!  Then again, this armoire has some… issues.

This Evan Cooper directed 2017 film that played in a lot of the festival circuit last year puts that premise to the test.  Hannah Barlow plays the struggling actress who takes a chance with this piece of leftover furniture. The film is about 15 minutes long, just enough to get the story across.


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