Horror Film News: Get Ready for the Portland Horror Film Festival

Keep Portland Weird!  And Scary!  The Portland Horror Film Festival is going to take off in two stages… May 21, and then later from June 13-16. The Scariest Things will be there!

Binge watch some independent Horror films with The Scariest Things Crew in our hometown!  The Portland Horror Film Festival is getting off to an early start with a showing of William Girdlers 1972 film Asylum of Satan, on May 21 along with a series of short devil related films, along with a discussion with the producer J. Patrick Kelly.

The June 13-16 main event time will be when the new release feature and short films are being shown.  The films are still being selected, with the first two features announced as Framed, a brutal game night turned into torture show Directed by Marc Martinez Jordan and The LaPlaces’ Demon, an intricate house-as-clockwork trap in glorious black and white directed by Giordano Giulivi.  I am particularly looking forward to the full slate of short films that have been selected.  I’m Most interested in seeing Banshee, and to get another chance to see We Summoned a Demon which I saw at the Overlook Film Festival. Ticket prices have not yet been revealed, but you can sign up for their notification list.

For those of you not aware, the iconic Hollywood Theater in Portland is a lovingly restored old theater that shows almost exclusively independent films and is a huge supporter of new voices and visionaries.  Plus you can get real food and beer to take with you into the theater.  Portland is wonderful in June… come join us for the creepy fun!

Postnote:  A quick shout-out to friend-of-the-podcast Liz Williams whom I met at the Overlook Film festival, who is one of the jurors for the films that are going to be shown.  (A small world, the indie horror scene!) She’s told me that they have a lot of great films in store. No spoilers, Liz!

Here are the trailers for the feature films announced so far:


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