Horror Movie News: Behind the Scenes of A Quiet Place

Are you obsessed with A Quiet Place?  For those of you in love with the making of movies, you can see John Krasinski at work making the film.

Film is Now has posted a B-roll video of the filming of A Quiet Place.  While many of their behind the scenes videos concentrate on the green-screen heavy superhero movies, it’s really interesting to see the up and coming John Krasinski at work, particularly since he’s working with his wife, Emily Blunt on the set.  This movie is all about getting the characters and the bonds of the characters just right, and I love seeing how Krasinski interacts with the children in this production.  The movie had a lot of heart in it, and you can see how Krasinski is trying to draw out those emotional elements in his direction.  I particularly like the silo scene direction of Millicent Simmonds, who is deaf.  Krasinski uses his whole body to convey what he wants out of Simmonds, and she nails it!

The biggest takeaway I had from this vignette was that Krasinski is a positive force behind the scenes.  He seems like someone who would be really fun to make a movie with.

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