Movie Posters We Love: The Lift (1983)

OK… the art sucks so bad that it’s awesome.  Saved by one of the best taglines ever!

ATMOSfx! Woo!
The Lift 2

Another video store movie that just seems so preposterously bad.  It’s a killer elevator.  Pretty easy to avoid, once you’re in the know.  This Dutch movie is dreadfully boring, but what would you expect, in a movie about a computer with a bio-chip brain and a desire to kill.  This is Mangler level stupid… and if you aren’t aware of the killer laundry press movie, you really weren’t missing out.

I will admit, though, the office building in which I work just replaced the elevators with a new computerized panel, and you don’t actually hit any buttons when you get into the elevator cab, and it is a bit disconcerting.  You feel like you’re not in control of where you’re going.  And then you might wonder… how good are the safety features on this new elevator.  And then you might wonder… I wonder if this elevator is out to get me?

The lift hanging
Yeah, I’ll take the next one.

OK, no.  I haven’t really thought about that until I dug up this old nugget from the 80’s.  Appreciate the ridiculousness of the poster.  Skip the film.

They had another, less cheesy, and therefore less awesome poster also. But, it had the same great tagline.

The Lift

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