Movie Posters We Love: Not Of This Earth (1957)

It’s a Beverly Garland Matinee Double Feature!

The poster is so much better than the movie itself.  IT’s a total bait and switch as the alien on the cover is NOT what you get in the film itself.  What you do get is a budget version of a face hugger… which appears to be more like a beanie babie… or maybe a lamp shade that drops on some poor victims noggin.

Scary DVDs! Woo!

So, this doesn’t have quite the cheesy fun factor that It Conquers the World had going for it.  Primarily the villain is a guy with glowy eyes, and you don’t ever see the alien on the cover.  But, it does have Beverly Garland, queen of the 50’s B movies!  So… yay?  Another movie by the same title was released in the 1988, featuring former under-age porn star Traci Lords.  That too, not a great movie… but it had a decidedly different draw.

Not of this Earth

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