Horror Movie News: Still/Born opens on February 9

Scary DVDs! Woo!

Under the radar alert!  Still/Born is sneaking into theaters this Friday.

Sometimes, you find yourself browsing Rotten Tomatoes, and then something catches your eye.  Still/Born is currently rating an 86% on RT, and it looks like its going to have a quick indie release this week.  Soooo… pretty good?  Hopefully? Christie Burke (Twilight) plays Mary, a young woman who has just given birth to twins, although only one of the babies is stillborn. Mary suspects that an evil entity is stalking and trying to take her baby from her.  I have a few friends for whom this would be the biggest nightmare possible.  All the guilt and sorrow of miscarriage, married with baby-napping is a potent mix, if they can pull this off.  The trailer taps into a bit of Rosemary’s baby, a bit of Paranormal Activity II, and a big ol’ chunk of Lights Out.

Still/Born is rated R and already had an opening in Canada last year, and will open in the US on February 9.


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