Project Silence (Fantastic Fest 2023) Review

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Directed by Tae-gon Kim

I am trying to imagine the elevator pitch for Project Silence…think Train to Busan but the train is replaced by a bridge covered in fog so we get a multi vehicle pile up and instead of zombies, we have genetically modified dogs that have been trained to kill.

Add in a group of instantly identifiable characters- a father/daughter duo (Lee Sun-kyun and Su-an Kim) mourning the lose of their wife/mother who are at odds because of Dad’s political ambitions, a professional golfer and her inept but earnest manager, an elderly couple dealing with the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and a quirky gas station attendant/ tow truck driver who is chasing after the dad practically screaming “I want my two dollars!” (in this case, $64) as the comic relief.

Cue dog on man carnage, government coverups and the inevitable bridge collapse and you’ve got yourself…a disaster movie. A really, really fun disaster movie. Sure, the CGI dogs look an awful lot like Zuul from Ghostbusters and the film is so inspired by Train to Busan that the actress playing the daughter here is the same actress who played the daughter there but who cares? It’s FUN! Sometimes you just want to sit in a dark theater, eat popcorn and forget about our own reality of government corruption and crumbling infrastructure…jeez, I hope we don’t have to start worrying about terror dogs…

Project Silence is screening as part of Fantastic Fest 2023! You have one more chance to see it on Wednesday, September 27. Get your tickets here.

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