The Last Video Store (Fantastic Fest 2023) Review

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Directed by Cody Kennedy & Tim Rutherford

The Last Video Store is the story of Nyla (Yaayaa Adams) who is returning a selection of B-movie tapes that her father had borrowed to Blaster Video, owned by eccentric VHS lover, Kevin (Kevin Martin). In the collection of tapes is a Necronomicon like cursed tape that when played unleashes the real life video nasties, an unstoppable hockey player serial killer and a creature known as the Prey Stalker, into the store. With the help of action star Jackson Viper, the two must defeat the villains and escape the video store.

My FF tote and LVS Blaster Vidoe fridge magnets!

The Last Video Store has a lot to like- gore, tons of laughs and A LOT of heart. The creative duo Kennedy and Rutherford brought the feeling of the old 80’s VHS tapes to life with their films within the film (Beverlake Massacre was my favorite) and their enthusiasm for film is infectious.

Where it fell a bit short for me was in the pacing, especially of the last third of the film; at times I felt like I was being lulled to sleep by the tone and tempo of the dialogue and heavy synth music…but maybe that’s just because I am a morning person who was in an 11pm screening? That said, the film makes up for it in heart and it is a must see for anyone who loves movies and longs for the days of the local video store.

The Last Video Store had its World Premiere last night at Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX! If you are at the festival and missed the premiere, you have another chance to see the film on Monday, September 25.

Check out the clip below and stay turned to The Scariest Things for news on where this film is headed next.

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