Joseph’s Review: The Dogman Triangle: Werewolves in the Lone Star State

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Directed by Seth Breeldove

A fairly recent phenomenon in cryptozoology is the dogman, a variation on the classic werewolf. The Dogman Triangle: Werewolves in the Lone Star State, the latest documentary from the Small Town Monsters filmmaking crew, considers eyewitness testimonials and possible explanations about these hirsute horrors. 

As a big fan of the cryptid and paranormal documentaries from director Seth Breedlove and his Small Town Monsters filmmaking crew, I am a bit disappointed by the group’s latest effort The Dogman Triangle: Werewolves in the Lone Star State. Just a bit, though, as it definitely boasts enough merits to warrant a watch.

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Inspired by Aaron Deese’s new book The Texas Dogman Triangle, published by Small Town Monsters, the documentary finds Deese and independent researcher and author Shannon LeGro traveling through Texas as they interview witnesses to what appear to be canine-like beasts standing from around 6 to 11 feet tall, and inspiring fear and awe in those who have encountered them. Local color and eyewitness accounts are two of the strong points of Small Town Monsters productions, and viewers are treated once again to both here.  

Also usual in Small Town Monster documentaries are histories behind their subjects, and here these include Native American legends and tales from European settlers. Other well-known researchers of cryptids, UFOs, and other high strangeness including Nick Redfern, Lyle Blackburn, and Ken Gerhard are on hand to give their thoughts about the dogman phenomenon. Possible explanations for some of the sightings range from the fanciful to the scientifically probable.

I have two main issues with The Dogman Triangle: Werewolves in the Lone Star State. First, the creature effects are far less impressive than they have been in recent Small Town Monsters features. The effects appear as though they may have been rushed or produced on a lower budget than usual. Second, the feel of this documentary is slightly different than the usual Breedlove/Small Town Monsters output, making it seem like more of a promotional accompaniment to Deese’s book than a standalone work.

Overall, though, The Dogman Triangle: Werewolves in the Lone Star State should be of interest to viewers intrigued by cryptozoology and American folklore. For first-time viewers of Small Town Monsters work, I would recommend instead most of the crew’s previous output — for example, American Werewolves and Bloodlines: The Jersey Devil Curse — but for those familiar with the work of Breedlove and company, there is plenty here to enjoy.

Review by Joseph Perry

The Dogman Triangle: Werewolves in the Lone Star State debuts on major streaming platforms on June 27th, 2023, from 1091 Pictures and will be available on iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and FandangoNOW.

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