Trailer Alert (and New Poster, Too)! Moon Garden (2022)

Oscilloscope has just today dropped the beautiful new Moon Garden poster and announced theatrical release dates for this fantastical horror feature. Joseph reviewed the film for its FilmQuest screening last November for VideoScope magazine, commenting that “Writer/director Ryan Stevens Harris and cinematographer Wolfgang Meyer have crafted a fine display of camera tricks, stop-motion animation, miniatures, and more to create a surreal world situated somewhere between those of Terry Gilliam, Tim Burton, and Phil Tippett . . . It’s a gorgeous work with a sweet heart at its center, and Haven Lee Harris makes for an enchanting guide through her father’s marvelous cinematic world.” Following is the official press announcement.

Scary DVDs! Woo!

The horror-fantasy, which stars Haven Lee Harris, Augie Duke, Brionne Davis, and Maria Olsen will be opening theatrically at New York City’s IFC Center on March 19th, with screenings on May 19th and 20th in 35mm, and then opens the following week at Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles.

Official Synopsis:

Shot on expired 35mm film stock with vintage lenses, MOON GARDEN is a fantastical odyssey and a visionary, handcrafted work of art. When a little girl has a terrible accident and slips into a coma, she finds herself thrust into a darkly surreal industrial dreamworld. Haunted by a nightmarish specter that feeds off her tears, she must follow her mother’s radio-static voice to find her way back to consciousness.

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