Liz’s Review: Shatter Belt (SXSW 2023)

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Written and Directed by James Ward Byrkit

In 2013 director James Ward Byrkit made a big splash in the genre community with his muti-layered sci-fi horror film Coherence. It was a film that begged to be talked about and watched over and over to catch every detail while trading (conspiracy) theories. Ten years later and he’s back with a new sci-fi vision, Shatter Belt.

The world premiere of Shatter Belt just took place at South by Southwest and 3 episodes were screened, and each episode of this surreal sci fi series will make you laugh, cringe and ponder the state of human existence.

Immotus is about an internet startup company that covers the latest viral sensation- a bright red apple that can’t be touched by humans, The Specimen stars Patton Oswalt as Dervy, a writer who needs to recover his pawned computer in order to publish an article on the best joke ever written which he just knows will lead to fame and fortune, and Pearls may just be the most awkward dinner party since Coherence.

Q&A after the SXSW World Premier

While each episode is an independent and complete story, Byrkit promises they are all interconnected and that there are many, many more stories he, and the cast, are ready to tell.

One of the best things about going to film festivals is that you get to experience the latest and greatest before anyone else. One of the worst things is waiting to be able to tell others when and where they can see these amazing stories! You will have to stay tuned to The Scariest Things but trust me, Shatter Belt is worth the wait.

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