Liz’s Review: The Retaliators

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My head says ★★ out of ★★★★★
My heart says ★★★★ out of ★★★★★

Directed by Samuel Gonzales Jr., Michael Lombardi and Bridget Smith

Bishop (Michael Lombardi) is a church pastor and father who has lost his wife and is raising his young son and teenage daughter alone. After letting this daughter borrow the car to go to a party he gets a phone call that any parent would dread- she is being followed by a crazed driver and can’t escape. As he rushes to the scene Bishop is confronted with the tragic news that his daughter was killed by this maniac. Her car was pushed into a lake with her hands zip tied to the steering wheel- not your average road rage incident.

The case is assigned to a police detective named Jed (Marc Menchaca) who is grieving his own loss that gives him a vested interest in solving this case. Soon he offers Bishop the chance to take revenge upon his daughter’s killer. Will the pastor act first and ask for forgiveness from God later or will he be confronted by an even more twisted psychopath than his daughters killer?

The Retaliators is, as the kids would say, “extra”. Is it good? Not technically, but it is so much fun that it really doesn’t matter! The scenery is chewed up and spit back out by our two lead actors, blood and gore coat the screen, the music is loud and rocking throughout and Tommy Lee (!) plays a strip club DJ! And then there are the zombies…stop reading and go watch this movie!

The Retaliators is now available to rent for streaming on Amazon, VUDU or wherever you get your movies. The original soundtrack, featuring the theme song “21 Bullets” (co-written by Nikki Sixx) is also out- listen here!

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