Liz’s Review: Confession (Fantasia International Film Festival)

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★★★★ out of ★★★★★

Directed by Yoon Jong-seok

The film Confession opens when wealthy tech mogul You Min- Ho (So Ji-seob) is being released from prison on bail to await his trial of the murder of his mistress Kim See-he (Jin-Ah Im), a murder he adamantly denies committing. The problem is, he and See-he were the only 2 people in the hotel room where she was found dead and the doors and windows were locked. He retreats to a remote family cabin to await trial and consult with his new hard hitting lawyer, Yang Shin-ae (Yunjim Kim).

As his lawyer tries to unravel the truth she discovers that the two lovers were involved in a car accident that left a young man dead and of course, rather than calling the police and risk their affair being exposed, they tried to cover it up. Convinced that this accident was the first domino to fall she will stop at nothing to get the truth from Min-ho. What follows is a strategically layered mystery and a battle of wits that will have you questioning everything.

Did he or didn’t he?

Confession is a slick and glamorous near perfect thriller. Tension builds at a perfect pace and climaxes at the shocking ending, bolstered by the wonderful performances from the cast. Stay tuned to The Scariest Things for release information as this is a film that fans of mysteries and thrillers will not want to miss!

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