Liz’s Review: The Breach (Fantasia International Film Festival)

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★★ out of ★★★★★
Directed by Rodrigo Gudiño

Based on an Audible original story by Nick Cutter, The Breach is the story of the Lone Crow chief of police John Hawkins (Allen Hawco) who is about to trade in his small town badge for a position in the big city when a mangled body washes up on the shore of the river. He and coroner Jacob Redgrave (Wesley French) use clues on the body to ID it as belonging to a scientist named Cole Parsons who was staying in a remote cabin doing strange research. When an Amber alert signals that the dead doctor’s daughter is also missing, Hawkins and Redgrave enlist the help of Meg (Emily Alatlo), a boat captain and, we come to discover an axis in this love triangle, to investigate the doctor’s cabin and uncover some very sinister science.

The Breach has elements of a police procedural mixed with The Fly, but even still, this film didn’t work for me. The pacing was off, the performances left something to be desired and there were just too many things going on that competed for attention so none of the ideas were fully fleshed out. On the positive side, it had good music (it was produced and scored by Slash), some pretty darn good gore effects and has a kick ass poster.

The Breach had its world premier at the Fantasia International Film Festival. The Scariest Things will keep you posted about when you can see this film.

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