Liz’s Book Review: Nightmare Fuel: The Science of Horror Films

Scary DVDs! Woo!
★★★1/2 out of ★★★★★
By Nina Nesseth

If you’re reading this review on this website, chances are you like horror movies, but have your ever wondered why you like them or why certain scares hit harder than others? That is what Nina Nesseth dives into with Nightmare Fuel: The Science of Horror Movies.

For a book that could have been really dry and read like a thesis paper, Nesseth manages to make scientific research easy to understand and even fun! The book’s eight chapters cover topics such as monsters (with a fantastic exploration of the uncanny valley), gore, violence, sound in horror and why some films just stick with you and the author peppers her research with “in conversation” sections interviewing pillars of the horror community. If you have any interest in WHY you like horror, this book is worth picking up.

Nightmare Fuel: The Science of Horror Films will be released by Tor Nightfire on July 26, 2022. You can preorder your copy on Amazon or wherever you buy your books.

While you wait for your copy to arrive listen to The Scariest Things podcast episode 137 about The Psychology of Horror Movies! It is the perfect companion to this book.

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