Trailer Alert! A24 is dying to show you a good time with Ti West’s “X”

Scary DVDs! Woo!
 Photo Credit: Christopher Moss for A24

The trailer has just dropped for Ti West’s return to horror, X! Being released by A24 and described by the studio as “one goddamn fucked up horror picture”, the film stars Mia Goth (Suspiria), Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect), Jena Ortega (The Babysitter: Killer Queen) and Scott Mescudi.

Written and directed by West, X is about a film crew who rent a house in rural Texas in the 1970’s to shoot an adult film called “The Farmer’s Daughter” and it is going to go horribly wrong! The trailer is giving serious Texas Chainsaw vibes so we know won’t be an ordinary film shoot. Ti West and A24 will hopefully prove a match made in horror heaven and we thankfully won’t have to wait long to find out.

West is the writer and director of horror cannon films The Innkeepers, The House of the Devil and The Sacrament. Recently he has been working in television directing episodes of The Exorcist and Outcast and many other genre shows.

Listen to our latest Podcast episode for a deep dive into Ti West’s The House of the Devil and get psyched for X coming to theaters March 18, 2022!

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