Liz’s Review: Keeping Company

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★★★★ out of ★★★★★

The insurance game has never been more cut-throat than it has in Keeping Company!

Directed by Josh Wallace

Sonny (Devin Das) and Noah (Ahmed Bharoocha) are co-workers (turned best friends!) who sell insurance for Caste Insurance. Noah, the heart of this sales duo is married with a baby on the way and comes across as big teddy bear making tea for his prospecting clients while Sonny gets straight to business striving to become the top salesman and earn the respect of his father. After a disappointing day going door to door the pair get into a fender bender with Lucas (Jacob Grodnik) who attempts to flee the scene.

Sonny and Noah follow Lucas to his home determined to get his insurance information for the accident claim only to discover that he is uninsured(!) so they move in for the kill and turn on the “sales charm” (literally not taking no for an answer and pushing their way into the house). However all is not what it seems in Lucas’s world and soon the two find themselves chained up in the basement fighting for their lives and the sale.

Keeping Company is People Under the Stairs mixed with Glegarry Glen Ross and a jigger of Motel Hell shaken up to create a unique and refreshing horror-comedy film. The script, co-written by Wallace and Das is well done and sharply funny and all the performances are standout. The film manages to explore greed and classism without losing its sense of humor and with buckets of blood. Reinforcing my sentiments, the film took home the Audience Choice for Best Feature film at Panic Fest 2021!

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