The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXVII: Creepy Crawlies

Scary DVDs! Woo!
Don’t look in the bathtub. Just don’t! From Itsy Bitsy (2018)
Skittering. Scuttling. Swarming. And sometimes… crushing. For millions of people, their greatest fears come with six or eight legs. Yipes! Is something crawling up my leg? AAAAAIIIIEEEE!

If finding a spider in your living room sends you screaming back into the kitchen, then you are keenly familiar with the fear of the creepy crawlies. Arachnophobia is a deep-seated primordial fear, something unshakable and unresolvable, and a great source of terror for a horror movie.

If the mad science of Hollywood ever comes true those bugs have it in for us. Some of them threaten to cover you in masses in the millions. Other bugs are so toxic and venomous that they will kill you or worse… turn you into one of them. And don’t ignore the possibility of a giant radioactive mantis smushing you into a bloody pulp. And, unlike most horror movie monsters, these critters can get under your skin with scenes literally of flesh crawling epidermal invasions.

The invertebrates were here first, and they will almost certainly be here when humans are history. And if we’re to believe Hollywood, those buggers are going to make sure that they do outlive us. The Scariest Things Dares to peek into the attack and brush those cobwebs aside to find some creepy crawly recommendations for our fans.


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