Trailer Alert! Hideout (2021)

Fangoria! Woo!
When criminals on the run collide with true evil, what could possibly go wrong? Check out the trailer for the upcoming heist/witchcraft film from Director Kris Roselli, coming out later this year.

One of the things we pride ourselves with at The Scariest Things is to receive material from independent horror filmmakers. Sometimes it’s through our contacts in Film Festivals, and sometimes they just come to us. Now, not all the films we receive look all that great, but when one captures our attention, we’d like to share it with you!

Hideout is the debut feature film from Kris Roselli, and is looking to make a move into the decidedly bigger pond of horror features. The synopsis from the Gibby Pictures reads:

Evading police at a remote farmhouse after fumbling a robbery, four criminals discover that the family living there is not who they appear to be.

There’s some voodoo and witchcraft at play here, and these criminals are likely completely over their heads, unwittingly stumbling into something while they are desperate. It’s a well Most famously this was done in Psycho, as Marion Crane, a woman fleeing justice sought refuge in the worst place possible, the Bates Motel. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not comparing Hideout to Psycho, but it does serve as a nod that the trope can be really effective. More recently, movies like Don’t Breathe, Witching and Bitching and Villains also have had a lot of fun playing within this trope.

Who becomes your rooting interest when your protagonists are inherently “The Bad Guys”? Honestly, this could go either way.

Hideout stars Audrey Kovár, Bryan Enright, Chris Wolfe, and Katie Lyons. For all these actors, this looks to be their feature break, as their resumes are studded with short films and roles as extras. Horror films are a great way to launch a career, and to this cast and crew, The Scariest Things wishes them the best. If the indications of the trailer hold, this could be a fun watch!

As of now the film is in post-production, and does not have a release date or a rating. When we get word from the producers, we’ll update this post to let you know when and where you can see Hideout.

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